Kalusz Family Winter 2005-2006 Pictures 
Daniel is 10, Adam is 8 & Anna is 5 years.
After Christmas we went to Cloudcroft NM for Skiing and Snow Fun.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each picture and enjoy.

Adam's Gingerbread House

Santa's Lap

The Alamo

Anna hanging Cards

Christmas Tree

Anna on Dirt Bike

On the way to New Mexico

Cloudcroft NM Cabin

At the Cabin NM


Daniel with SNOW

Anna Daniel Adam in SNOW



Anna SNOW Angel

Anna Ice Skating

Break from Skiing

Dan Adam Skiing

Adam Dan Ski Lift

Daniel Snowboarding

Adam Skiing

Dan Skiing

Dan Anna Ice Skating

Mary Kids Ice Skating

Daniel Adam Ice Skating

All of us Ice Skating

Christmas Card 2005

Kids at the SA Zoo

Anna at the SA Zoo

Adam at the SA Zoo

Daniel at the SA Zoo

Adam 3rd Grade Class

Anna Kindergarten Class

Daniel 5th Grade Class

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